High-Performance Video Exchange

We serve you with OpenRTB 2.3 compliant high-performance video exchange. You get full protection from fraudulent incoming traffic and protection against malware infection, automatic downloads, high latency ad serving and offensive content. Transparent impression-level data and connection to hundreds of demand-side platforms are part of our high-performance service.

Certified Video Player

Our player is certified by all leading platforms such as Sizmek for both VAST and VPAID and integrated with 3rd party tracking and measurement providers such as Nielsen and ComScore. Continuous development guarantees its compatibility with IAB and other industry standards.

Platform That Encourages Integrations

We offer multiple integration options for mobile app publishers:

  • Direct integration with any iOS/Android app using proprietary SDK
  • Easy integration with any mediation platform using an iOS/Android SDK
  • Tag based integration using server-to-server ad requests
  • Open API: Real-time reporting, yield optimization and other advanced functionality via direct integration with our platform