Buying Intent Data Suite

What is contextual Buying Intent Data Platform?

ThirdPresence Contextual Intelligence allows publishers and advertisers to understand the underlying meaning of content and the environment in which their ads are served. As a result, they can connect with relevant audiences at scale and maximize protection – all within a privacy-friendly environment.

ThirdPresence Knowledge Graphs

Thirdpresence use of knowledge graphs: to harmonize and to link structured and unstructured contextual data points, for the purpose of creating programmatic advertising industry-specific taxonomies.

In other words, a knowledge graph is a programmatic way to model a knowledge domain with the help of subject-matter experts, data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms.

Knowledge graph uses the relationships between words and concepts to understand the context of a query and to assign specific meaning to data intents.

Connecting contextual datasets in a meaningful way helps advertisers, and (above all) programmatic platforms, such as DSP and DMPs, to gain meaningful reflection-points with the target audiences.

How Thirdpresence Knowledge Graph works​

  • Proprietary crawlers for data destinations
  • Crawlers work on a sub-set of knowledge graphs and search the matching keywords/data-points across millions of web pages
  • Purpose-built ML scrutinizes the statistical data gathered in the knowledge graph path
  • Knowledge Graph
  • Detect fraud/anomalies in data
  • Recommend products or actions in real-time: eCommerce
  • Manage data for different verticals and sub-segments
  • Find patterns
  • Create industry-specific taxonomy
  • Search in Knowledge Graph is very quick and accurate
  • High flexibility to add and structure the data