Our mission is to help publishers win in the programmatic market​

Thirdpresence is a pioneer advertising technology & data company for publishers. We provide the most efficient tools and methods to maximize user engagement and yield.

Our offerings

Yield Service​

We help digital publishers to win in the programmatic market. Value is built through dynamic inventory value protection, backed with market-wide CPM analysis and recommendations. Our demand stack consists of direct and Tier1 programmatic buyers with high demand on mobile, desktop and CTV ad formats. Through simple RTB integration our publisher partners have seen on average 25-35% increase in revenue. Thirdpresence Yield service elevates each ad request with custom built Machine Learning algorithms prediction engine.

Content Stream​

Thirdpresence dynamic in-content ad units is a unique monetization solution for desktop and mobile web publishers. Thru proprietary algorithmic decisioning engine, each ad placement provides exceptionally high viewability and on average 30% increase in RPM. Solution does not replace existing ad revenues, but creates completely new revenue stream for publishers.

Content Video Player​

Our player is designed to increase user engagement and ad revenues through contextual video content mapping. Each video content is tailored to match the user interest area, providing programmatic buyers with highly engaged in-stream video ad impressions in desktop, mobile-web and in-app environment. Publisher can easily manage all content categories and revenue with real-time dashboard and recommendation engine. You can tap-in via simple tag-based integration to in-built Tier1 programmatic demand.